Distress Property Evaluations and Forensic Engineering

Distressed property investigations of damage, deterioration, or collapse of a structure or its foundations; evaluation of possible causes of settlements and/or heave or other forms of ground deformations, such as expansive soils, collapsible soils, or corrosive or erodible soils, sinkholes, creep potential, moisture intrusion or drying; and damage induced by earthquakes and other natural causes.

  • Distress Property Evaluation;
  • Landslide, Mudslide Assessments and Mitigation;
  • Property/site evaluations;
  • Detailed inspection and photographic documentation of distress;
  • Building floors level (“manometer”) survey;
  • Baseline and periodic monitoring of distress;
  • As-built plans and site data records research;
  • Assessment of potential causes or geotechnical conditions possibly affecting distressed property;
  • Supplementary investigation and testing, if needed.
  • Alternative repair concepts, where warranted.