Specialty engineering services for assessment of many uncertainties in predicting of ground motions, system response, and seismic performance of structures and facilities, and to improve resistance to the effects of earthquakes in seismically active areas, through integrated, collaborative efforts of several groups of earthquake professionals, including geotechnical engineers.

  • Historical Seismicity, Fault Activity and Micro-Zonation Studies
  • Ground Motion Evaluations; Seismic Response Spectra
  • Seismically-Induced Ground Failure and Permanent Displacement Analysis
  • Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction and Landslide Potential
  • Liquefaction-Induced Reconsolidations Settlements and Lateral Spreads
  • Soil Dynamics, Soil-Structure Interaction, and Vibration Studies
Sewer Tunnel in Granite

Sewer Tunnel in Granite

Geotechnical investigation and engineering support for construction of a 6-foot-diameter 10,000-foot-long sewer tunnel beneath Freeway 210, in granite bedrock, including a 72-inch-diameter 0.75-inch-thick steel casing as the initial support of the proposed tunnel.

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