H&A’s construction materials engineering testing (CoMET) services comprise an array of licensed-engineer-directed professional services applied principally for purposes of construction quality assurance and quality control, and operate with CoMET laboratories with the equipment and personnel required to evaluate a variety of construction materials.

Earthwork/Foundation Installation

  • Specialty Geotechnical Ground Improvement/Modification
  • Conventional Site Preparation and Grading
  • Excavation, Fill Placement, Compaction Observation & Testing
  • Shallow Foundation Subgrade Observation, Probing, Testing
  • Borrow Source Exploration and Testing
  • Subdrain and Hydrauger Installations
  • Landfill Geomembrane and GCL Flexible Liners, Geotextile Filter, LCRS and Leach Pad Installations
  • Temporary Excavation Shoring, Tieback installation and Dewatering
  • Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
  • Field Instrumentation Installation – Ground Displacements, Pore Pressure, Vibration Monitoring
  • Deep Foundation Installation Observation
  • Pile Driving/Drilled Shafts/Caissons/Piers
  • Vibration Monitoring, Integrity Testing, Special Inspections

Construction Support, Materials Testing & Inspections

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Pre-Stressed Concrete
  • Asphaltic Concrete
  • Soil-Cement and Cement-Sand Slurry
  • Reinforced Masonry
  • Structural Steel
  • Welding
  • Fireproofing

Public Infrastructure Inspection

  • City of Los Angeles Soils/Grading Deputy Inspectors
  • Certified Public Infrastructure Inspections (CPII)
  • Observation, Measurement, Testing & Documentation
  • Compliance with plans and specification of public infrastructure and facility construction
  • Vibration & Noise Consulting
Hamilton & Associates
Construction Westlake 2

Biosolids Composting Facility

Performed subsurface investigation and geotechnical engineering evaluation for the proposed receiving/mixing complex, water treatment and storage facilities, maintenance building, electrical substation, and other ancillary structures.

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Pile Driving

Port of Los Angeles Industrial Facility

Evaluated general subsurface soil conditions at an industrial site, including assessment of the site-specific liquefaction potential, earthquake-induced reconsolidation settlements & lateral spreads, and provided a geotechnical report with recommendations.

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