Professional applied earth sciences services involving interpretation, evaluation, analysis, and application of geological information and data to civil works and engineering developments. Therefore, geological factors potentially impacting the project are adequately recognized and accounted for. H&A typically assists clients in developing geologic hazard assessments, helping them to manage risks and performing site investigations in difficult terrains, handling complex field logistics.

  • Regional Geology and Seismicity
  • Fault Activity Evaluations
  • Geologic Setting Assessments
  • Air Photo Geomorphologic Interpretation
  • Site Selections Studies
  • Characterization of geologic units, subsurface stratigraphy, groundwater conditions and Geologic Processes
  • Landslides, rock falls, avalanches, ground subsidence, sinkholes, soil liquefaction
  • Other geo-professional services, such as paleontological and archeological assistance

Los Angeles County Sewer Projects

Hamilton & Associates performed engineering geologic evaluations as part of overall geotechnical investigations for construction of more than twenty (20) new sewer projects.

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