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Infrastructure & Industrial

  • Transportation - Highways, Roads, Bridges, Airports, Railroads and Street Improvements per FHWA, TRB, CalTrans, TCA and AASHTO guidelines and regulations.
  • Water. Stormwater & Wastewater Facilities - Treatment Plants, Sewer Pipelines and Tunnels, Pumping Stations
  • Solid Waste Facilities – Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Sanitary Landfills, Hazardous Waste Disposal Facilities, Dumps, “Superfund” Sites, Material Recovery/Recycling Plants and Transfer Stations.
  • Oil and Gas Facilities - Oil Refineries, gas terminals, oil/gas pipelines
  • Conventional & Renewable Energy Producing Facilities
    • Thermoelectric plants (fossil fuel);
    • Renewable energy plans: wind farms, solar plants and hydroelectric projects;
    • HV electric power transmission line towers & substations and distributions systems.
  • Water Resources – Hydro-projects, Earth & Rockfill Dams, Reservoirs, Basins, Dikes/Levees, Spillways, Pump Stations and Pipelines, Water-Storage Tanks (above-ground, semi-buried and below-grade).
  • Wireless Communications Tower Facilities and Radars – Architectural antennas, monopoles, and supporting equipment.
  • Near-Shore and Off-Shore Structures - Ports, Harbors, Wharf, Berth and Backland Improvements, Channel Deepening, Submarine Landfills, Ocean Outfalls.
  • Mining Facilities – Tailing dams, land (sand and gravel pit) reclamation and development projects.
  • Federal, Military and Aerospace Research Facilities – Military Landfills and buildings, warfare training centers, weapons facilities, air stations, including DOE, DOD, DOI installations

Public Works, Commercial, Residential and Mixed-Use Construction Market Sectors

  • Educational, Health Care and Community Facilities - Schools, community colleges & higher education campuses, hospitals, medical office building, hospital parking structures, libraries, churches and senior centers.
  • Commercial, Mixed-Use and Residential Buildings and Recreational Facilities
    • Medium and High-Rise Buildings, Office Towers;
    • Parking Structures, Garages, Gas Stations; Shopping Malls, Mini- and Super-Markets;
    • Single-Family, Condominium and Apartment Units;
    • Symphony Halls, Music Amphitheaters;
    • Parks, golf courses, clubhouses, equestrian centers, vacation resorts, wetlands;
    • Historical Building Improvements and Seismic Retrofit;
    • Distressed Building Sites; and
    • Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness.
  • Public Works Construction – City, Municipal, State, Federal Building Facilities, Water/Sewer/Stormwater and Other Utilities, Street Pavement and Drainage Improvements, Community Facilities, Parks and Recreation, Grading and Construction Materials Testing.
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