Project Description

Biosolids Composting Facility

Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

Performed subsurface investigation and geotechnical engineering evaluation for the proposed receiving/mixing complex, water treatment and storage facilities, maintenance building, electrical substation, and other ancillary structures. Implemented 20 feet high Temporary Soil Surcharge program for design of wick drains and pre-loading. Performed observation and testing during extensive 20-feet high soil surcharge for remedial ground improvement including wick drain installation, site preloading and settlement monument monitoring. Site is located in the dry bed of the former Tulare Lake in Kings County, California. Subsurface soil conditions at the project site can be roughly characterized as normally- to slightly overconsolidated and very compressible clays (lacustrine deposits) to approximately 100 feet of depth. Our evaluation included structures supported on driven pre-cast concrete piles and/or conventional spread foundations be bearing on improved foundation soils (preloading with a temporary soil surcharge) to reduce potential post-construction (long term) soil settlement.